Floorless Coaster

A floorless coaster ( English for " Bottomless roller coaster" ) is a roller coaster type, in which the legs of passengers hang free while driving, so they have " no ground under his feet ." The seating position is comparable to the inverse of roller coasters, but the trains do not go under, but, as with the traditional coaster on the track. Currently provides only Bolliger & Mabillard roller coasters fro this type.

Be from the manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard must distinguish whether it is a floorless coaster from the model floorless coaster or a floorless coaster from the model Dive Coaster.

As the first track from model floorless coaster Bizarro was opened in 1999 at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey. There are only ten deliveries this roller coaster model ( nine active ). Only two of them are in Europe, the first one was in 2002 in Superman Parque Warner Madrid, the other daemons in Tivoli, Copenhagen. A web is in Taiwan. All other versions are in the United States.

In 2007, the first floorless dive coaster opened with Griffon at Busch Gardens Europe. Already in the following year SheiKra was at Busch Gardens Africa, which was originally not a bottomless dive coaster, upgraded and equipped with new bottomless trains.

Bottomless roller coasters usually have many inversions.

List of floorless Coastern

Griffon in the water crossing

Griffon at First Drop

Hydra the Revenge in the Heartline Roll