As Flora (also plants ), the stock of plant species is a specific region or the whole systematic description refers ( cf. the other hand, vegetation). Directories where the vegetation of an area is often listed with a determination key and illustrations, it also called flora.

The term derives from the Latin name of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers and the young, from. The plant world is the wildlife or fauna opposite, named after the Roman goddess Flora. Flora generally referred also with autotrophic organisms

A floral kingdom is the one big area, which is characterized by an independent vegetation character and an independent history ( phylogeny ) of the local flora and thus plant species and higher plant taxa houses that appear in any other area. The collection of species provide a Florenelement is - this can refer to a large scale floral kingdom, or only on a branch - a Flore zone, a vegetation zone.

Since bacteria were formerly assigned to the plant systematics, the term in the term " bacterial flora " (as the totality of a particular habitat colonizing bacteria) has received.

The mushrooms were assigned to the plant kingdom for a long time. Robert Whittaker has given them their own kingdom in 1969, the Regnum " Fungi " conceded. The term " funga " instead of " fungal flora ", however, has not (yet) finally prevailed.