Florence Nightingale Medal

The Florence Nightingale Medal is a 1912 by the International Committee of the Red Cross donated medal. It was named after Florence Nightingale, a pioneer of Nursing, named and is considered the highest honor that can be awarded to RNs or voluntary nursing assistants. The medal is awarded every two years. Until 1991, the medal was only awarded to women, according to a modification of the statutes and men can be excellent. Criteria are " exceptional courage and devotion to the wounded, sick or disabled or civilian victims of conflict or disaster " or " exemplary services or a creative and pioneering involvement in the field of health care or nursing education ." By 2009, the medal has been awarded a total of 1337 people.

Prize winners (excerpt)

  • Marie Adamczyk
  • Pia Bauer
  • Emmy Dörfel
  • Elsbeth Kasser
  • Elsbeth of Keudell
  • Ernestine Lam
  • Alexandrine Countess of Üxküll - Gyllenband
  • Maria Hafner
  • Antonie Stemmler


  • International Committee of the Red Cross: Florence Nightingale Medal ( german)