Florent Manaudou

Florent Manaudou (2012 )

Florent Manaudou ( born November 12, 1990 in Villeurbanne, Rhône region ) is a French swimmer.


Florent Manaudou was born into a sports-minded family. His mother, Olga, a native of the Netherlands, played badminton for the selection of their homeland. His father Jean -Luc Manaudou, a bank employee trained, volunteer a handball team. Manaudous four years older sister is the successful freestyle swimmer Laure Manaudou, Olympic gold medalist and multiple World and European champion in the 400-meter freestyle distance.

2008 failed Manaudou to qualify for the Olympic Summer Games in Beijing. He specialized in the following years on the short butterfly and freestyle distance. At the French Championships in 2011, he was in a time of 23.66 seconds Second 50 - meter butterfly, Frédérick Bousquet behind ( 23.60 s ). Then Manaudou was appointed to the levy of the French national team for the World Swimming Championships in Shanghai. There he reached the 50 - meter butterfly final, where he finished fifth in a time of 23.49 seconds. With the French 4x100 -meter medley relay in the cast Jérémy Stravius ​​, Hugues Duboscq, and Fabien Gilot Manaudou ( 3:36,21 min) of the World Cup finals in ninth place was just missed.

2012, Manaudou was beaten ( s 21.93 ) at the French Championships over the 50 - meter freestyle in 21.95 seconds distance Amaury Leveaux scarce. He was then taken into account for the national team for the Olympic Summer Games in London. Traveled with a personal best of 21.86 seconds over 50 - meter freestyle, he qualified sixth fastest of the semi-finals in 21.80 seconds for a final place. As the youngest participants of the finals we Manaudou able to improve his personal best to 21.34 seconds and the gold medal in the 50 - meter freestyle in front of the American Cullen Jones ( 21.54 s ) and the world record holder and defending champion Cesar Cielo of Brazil (21, 59 s ) to win. He was the first Frenchman who was victorious over this distance at the Olympic Games.

Florent Manaudou training Romain Barnier and is a member of the swimming club CN Marseille.

Personal Best (50 - meter track )