Flores Sea

The Floressee ( indones. According to Flores ) covers about 240,000 square kilometers as part of the Australasian Mediterranean Sea in the South Pacific.

The Floressee bordering the Java Sea and the Balisee in the West, the Banda Sea to the east, the Savu Sea in the south, the Makassarstraße in the northwest and the Indian Ocean in the southwest.

At the Floressee also limits the little Sunda Islands with the eponymous island of Flores and Celebes ( Sulawesi ). By definition, the International Hydrographic Organization is the boundary for Banda Sea along the island chain to which, inter alia, the island belongs Selayar, from the northernmost point of Flores ' ( in the far east of the island ) to the south-eastern tip of the south (west ) union peninsula of Sulawesi - so that the Gulf of bone that separates the two southern peninsulas of Sulawesi, part of the Banda Sea.


- 7119.66666666667Koordinaten: 7 ° 0 ' S, 119 ° 40 ' E

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