Florinus of Remüs

Florinus of Remüs from mud or from Val Venosta is a saint of the Catholic Church, whose Remembrance Day is celebrated especially in the diocese of Chur, in the diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone, in the Archdiocese of Vaduz and in some places of the Rhineland on 17 November.


About his life little is known. He is said to have been born in the 7th century in mud in the Vinschgau and have worked in Ramosch in the Lower Engadine as a priest. Since the 9th century, the local church named after him is detectable. The sources call him confessor ( Confessor ), making him as an exemplary witnesses of the faith, who was not a martyr, features. It was not until the first millennium learned his reverence larger distribution and relics came to different places (see: Florin church).


It's said by Florin (us), he would have once the wine that he should bring his uncle Alexander, in which he remained a long time, for the meal, a woman paid. These had asked him for the strengthening of her sick husband. But now there was nothing left for his uncle; therefore he resolved on well water. The Palace Guard told the uncle quickly from the thing, and this, therefore, sat down at the table angrily. But he realized ashamed that Florin did not bring water, but wine. The uncle recognized it as the work of God to his nephew.

The saint is in its probable country of birth South Tyrol little known. According to statistics from 2001, there contributes about one in 4,000 males, the name of Florin.