Floris II, Count of Holland

Florens Count II of the thickness of Holland (c. 1080, † March 2, 1122 ) was the son of Count Dietrich V of Holland and Ulfhild.


Florence II or Floris II de Vette, as he was known in Holland, was born about 1080. He took over in 1091 in Holland and Zealand officially the government. During his reign, the great ocean dips, which largely out formed the Zuider Zee began. This led to a significant geographical and thus also political separation of East Friesland. He also continued the meantime has become a tradition feuds of his house against Flanders, the bishops of Utrecht and funds to rights and spheres of influence and possession.

Marriage and issue

He married in 1113 Petronilla of Holland († 1144 ), also known as Gertrude of Alsace, daughter of the Duke Dietrich II of Lorraine. With her he had the following children:

  • Dietrich VI. (* 1110, † August 6, 1157 )
  • Florence Black (* 1115, † October 26, 1133 )
  • Simon († unknown) - canon in Utrecht
  • Hedwig († 1132 ) - nun Rijnsburg