The island of Flotta (actually Flottay; Norn Fleuks ( flounder ) " flat island " ) belongs to the Orkneys, and lies about 30 km north -northeast off Scotland.

Within the archipelago, it is located two kilometers east of the second largest island of Hoy and eight kilometers south of the main island of Mainland at the south exit of the bay of Scapa Flow. Because of its location it was of great strategic importance in both World Wars; today it has the only notable grove of Orkney, which was planted to camouflage military equipment over 60 years ago.

The few square kilometers inhabited island has a major oil terminal and a small landing area. Regular ferry services exist to Scotland and to the neighboring islands. Due to a cut deep bay on the east coast it has roughly a " C" shape with approximate dimensions of 4 km in the east-west and 3.5 km in north-south direction.

The Flotta Stone ( also Flotta Cross) a found at Lurdy Cross Slab, now in the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland in Edinburgh is undoubtedly the most noted relic from the past of this island.