Flubber (film)

Flubber is an American comedy film directed by Les Mayfield, published in 1997. The main role was played by Robin Williams. The sci-fi film from Disney is a remake of The Flying Pauker ( The Absent Minded Professor, 1961) by Robert Stevenson with Fred MacMurray in the lead role.


The chaotic Professor Philip Brainard is to marry his fiancee Sara Jean Reynolds, which he left twice before the altar. Just before the third date he invents a designated as Flubber substance that can fly. You can even bring the car to the professor to fly.

The entrepreneur Chester Hoenicker instructed people to steal Flubber. They kidnap Brainard and Reynolds; the substance helps the couple to overpower the criminals. At the end of marriage Brainard and Reynolds, they fly with the car in the honeymoon.


The film played in theaters worldwide about 178 million U.S. dollars.

In a cameo as a secretary Nancy Olson is seen. This is a throwback to her starring role in the original Flubber movies, The Flying Pauker ( The Absent Minded Professor - 1961) and its sequel The Pathfinder 's can not leave ( Son of Flubber, 1963).


The German synchronous processing was formed in 1997 in the studios of Lingua Film in Munich. The dialog book written Sabine and Cornelius Frommann, synchronous directed by Benedict Rabanus.


  • (Won ) Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Robin Williams
  • Kids' Choice Award for Robin Williams ( nominated )
  • (Won ) German Bogey Award for the film
  • BMI film music award for Danny Elfman (won )


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews, the film would be a remake of the film The Absent - Minded Professor from 1961 and that he find it amusing that the producers would call the older film as a classic. He praised highly the representation of Robin Williams, but was otherwise little positive on the comedy and wrote that the film would be designed solely for children under 10.

Cinema 3/1998 described the film as antiquated and useless. TV Today 6/1998 wrote that the film would be funny just for toddlers. Movie service 6/1998 wrote that the film would not achieve the charm of the original. TV Movie 6/1998 criticized the plot and poor special effects.


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