Cholfirst seen from Neuhausen Rhine Falls of the Rhine and Flurlingen

Flurlingen is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

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The community hall Lingen located between the Rhine and the western slope of Cholfirsts. From the community area are 18.3% agriculture, 55.8 % is covered by forest, 4.2% is traffic area and 17.9 % urban area and 3.8% are waters. On the Cholfirst is located at 8 ° 38'50 " east longitude and 47 ° 40'53 " North, a Communications Tower in steel truss construction with an open to the public viewing platform.



The SVP has 26.44 %, 19.55%, the SP, the glp 12.83 %, 12.65%, the FDP, the Greens 10.07%, the BDP 6.42 %, 5.20%, the CVP, the EPP 2.50% and 1.13% of the vote EDU ( National Council election, 2011).

Mayor André Müller (as of 2013).


Flurlingen was first mentioned in 876. In August 876, the abbot of the monastery Rheinau handed the place Flurlingen to the Klettgauer Count Gozbert, of his property again presented the monastery later in Laufen, Moerlen and Flurlingen 892. In the 10th century the whole Mark came along with the parish in Laufen to the Bishop of Constance, of a basic rule with lower jurisdiction over " Erb and self " and the imposition of buses einrichtete up to nine shillings in Flurlingen. This " Uhwieser office" existed until 1798. The Bailiwick with the central jurisdiction was connected to the Schloss Laufen and came with this 1544 Zurich. The high court in Flurlingen belonged to the county ever since Kyburg and went with this in 1424 or 1452 in Zurich.

In the Helvetic Flurlingen formed its own municipality, as were under the Act of Mediation Flurlingen, badgers and Uhwiesen independent municipalities. With the restoration in 1814, all three locations were pooled. Under the State Constitution of 1831, badgers broke loose, so that only Uhwiesen and Flurlingen together formed a political community. In 1841 Flurlingen resigned from this association and was again an independent municipality.


The village is connected by two bridges over the Rhine with the right bank of the Rhine side. Since 1860 a road bridge to Schaffhausen in 1921 by a web to Neuhausen. In addition, the Rhine bridge lies on the A4 municipality.