Fnord is an invented word, the Principia Discordia that was known mainly by the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea and. It is symbolic of conditioning by selective import of information and disinformation ( see also communication guerrilla ) and the resulting possibilities for manipulation, especially for the mass media and the state. The vocabulary has become not only the code below Discordians and Illuminatus - readers, but is also used in real life as a synonym for disinformation, for example as a name for a Web server software, or as metasyntaktische variable.


In the Illuminatus trilogy children are in a program of the Illuminati conditioned in school on at each reading and listening to " Fnord " a sense of uncertainty and the discomfort of feeling, without (even Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt see ) it but the confidently perceiving word. Should be collectively felt by all recipients of the message as bad or disturbing a message from the government or the media now, must be incorporated into them only enough fnords to achieve the desired effect. Insiders ( " Illuminated "), which this type of manipulation are aware, "see" the fnords and thus break out from the conditioning.

This knowledge fnords but can also be the opposite apply, so as to select those messages that are used to manipulate, and to unmask.

The blind acceptance of fnords is in the trilogy with the phrase " If you do not see the fnord, it can not eat you too." Advertised. Although it seems actually to be a statement about fnords, the set itself is also an example of Fnord. He suggested due to its structure a security threat, which he himself produced only by the introduction of the term " fnord ", and has a self- mystifying this way. Especially the bizarre sound shape ( anlautendes fn is rare in European languages ​​) refers to a paradoxical, fictitious entity: a secret and invisible signal. The phrase goes back to the classic technique of all mystifying disinformation, credibility and invulnerability of evidence (in this case the existence of fnords ) to substantiate the fact that he must remain incomprehensible or invisible to non-believers and critics.