Pars ( Turkish for Leopard ) is the name of a military vehicle family of multi-axis, four-wheel drive, amphibious armored personnel carriers from Turkey. The vehicles offered by the Turkish defense company FNSS and were developed in cooperation with the U.S. company General Purpose Vehicles (GPV ), which offered the vehicles under their own name.


The development of the family of vehicles began in 2002 as a private joint project between FNSS and GPV, the first prototype was shown at the 2005 IDEX defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi. The vehicle family which originally included a total of five models from which FNSS but only three offers:

  • FNSS Pars 4 × 4 / GPV Sentry
  • FNSS Pars 6 × 6 / GPV Commander
  • FNSS Pars 8 × 8 / GPV Captain

GPV offered two more models, the Colonel, also with four axes, but with a longer passenger compartment when the captain, as well as the five-axis (10 × 10) General. GPV offered his vehicles exclusively within the United States armed forces and other security agencies and companies to, but had no success and the marketing set now. FNSS other hand, occurs as an international exporter and provides the pars worldwide.


The United States Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command ( TACOM ) of the U.S. Army tested the GPV Colonel in 2004, but decided against purchasing the vehicle. The armed forces of Turkey tested the vehicle ( Pars 8 × 8), but has not yet decided on a procurement.

2006 joined the Pars 8 × 8 in Malaysia in a Test against the Swiss Piranha IIIC and Mowag the Polish KTO Rosomak, a license of the Finnish Patria AMV to. In April 2010, the armed forces of Malaysia decided to raise a total of 257 based on the PARS armored transport vehicle to be adapted by FNSS in cooperation with the Malaysian defense companies DEFTECH to the Malaysian needs. A first prototype has been announced for the year 2011, a total of 11 variants are planned, including armored personnel carrier, command vehicles and weapons carriers for anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems, the deliveries to be completed by 2016.