Fokker D.XI

The Fokker D.XI was a single-seat fighter aircraft of the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker.


The Fokker D.XI was a design by Reinhold Platz. Since the Netherlands for financial reasons was not able to procure the aircraft, Fokker built the machine for export. The most important customer was the USSR, which until 1929 was flying the type in their front-line units. Other customers were Romania, Spain, Argentina and the U.S., which it operated with 440 hp (328 kW) Curtiss D-12 twelve-cylinder V-engines as PW -7. In addition, Switzerland received two copies for testing.


The Fokker D.XI was designed as sesquiplane. The lower support surface was much less than the upper. She had einstielige V- wing struts. The wings were staggered on the front edge. Except operated by the U.S. version all a Hispano-Suiza engine with two coolers on the bow sides had.

Military user

  • Argentina Argentina
  • Romania Romania Kingdom
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • Spain Second Republic Spain
  • Soviet Union 1923 Soviet Union
  • United States United States