Fokker F.10

The Fokker F.10 was a three -engined airliner built by the Fokker Aircraft Corporation of America, the successor to the Atlantic Aircraft Corporation in New Jersey. This company, which was set up for the distribution of the Fokker -built aircraft in the Netherlands in the U.S. later took over the manufacture of aircraft based on the structures of the parent plant.


The twelve -seater Focker F.10 appeared 1927. Formed the basis of the Fokker F.VII the Dutch parent plant. Several American airlines were given the model. It was followed by the improved 14 - seater F.10A, which had an enlarged fuselage and a modified wing structure. The nickname was " Super Trimotor ".

Military variants

The C-5 was one of the United States Army Air Corps procured F.10A ( USAAC-Seriennr. 29-405 ), the Pratt & Whitney R - 1340-3 radial engines was fitted first, but later by Wright R -975 ( Wright J -6) were replaced.

The RA- 4 was a standard F.10A ( BuA - 8841 ) was tested by the U.S. Marine Corps, where he was fitted with a modified nose and tail. The USMC rejected the machine but from because of inadequate performance. In 1933 she was scrapped. The versions of RA- 1 to RA -3 were variants of the F.VIIA.