Fokker S.14 Machtrainer

The Fokker S.14 power Rainer was the first specifically designed as a training aircraft jet aircraft and the first built in the Netherlands jet aircraft.


The first flight was on 20 May 1951 in 1955, the production was stopped. In addition to the prototype 20 for the Royal Netherlands Air Force were built. 1952 Fairchild wanted to acquire the licensing rights to the p.14 of the U.S. Air Force to provide a new standard jet trainer, they decided, however, for the Cessna T -37. A planned production start-up in Brazil was not due to political changes. Several other countries tested the P.14, but there were no orders.


The aircraft has a retractable landing gear, turbine, a Rolls- Royce Derwent or Rolls-Royce Nene is located in the fuselage, the wings are not swept back, the fin is swept about 15 °, the horizontal stabilizers are not swept. The blades are mounted in a light - V position the fuselage.

Military user

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