A Vorwerk is an agricultural farm or a separate branch operation of such. The term has been amended several times in the course of history in its meaning and therefore can be used in different ways.

Originally were the related agricultural goods mostly outside of fortifications or castles immediately before and were therefore often referred to as " Vorwerk " means. Later, the name was common practice and called up into the 18th century estates with farm estate or even for standing Meier courtyards. On larger estates with extensive land areas there was often next to the main operating small and remote branch plants. These have also been referred to at the end of the 18th century often referred to as " Vorwerk" and in the 19th century, the term was eventually used only in this sense. In place names and field names, the word can be present in its old meaning but still.

A term occasionally used name in official documents for " Vorwerk" is pertinentia.