Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas

Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC ) is a Spanish group, which is mainly active as a construction company and supply and disposal service providers and is listed in the Spanish financial index IBEX 35.


The group was created in March 1992 by the merger of the company Construcciones y Contratas, SA Fomento de Obras from Madrid and y Construcciones, SA from Barcelona. It employed in 2005 about 70,000 employees and achieved a net profit of 421 million euros. FCC is the leader of the Spanish waste management company. At the same time, the company is expanding into other states. About 50 % of the shares are in the hands of the Spanish businesswoman Esther Koplowitz, Microsoft founder Bill Gates holds 6% of the shares.


Except in building the company including in the fields of waste collection and landfilling, street cleaning, water supply, wastewater treatment, cement production, real estate development and management, management of car parks, street furniture, passenger, vehicle monitoring and airport operations involved. In 2006, the FCC, the Austrian construction company Alpine Holding.


The affiliates of FCC include:

  • Alpine Holding
  • · A · S · A · Waste Service AG
  • ámbito
  • AQUALIA, S. A.
  • Cementos Portland Valderrivas
  • Cemusa
  • Specialities Eléctricas, S. A. ( ESPELSA )
  • General de Servicios ITV, S. A.
  • FCC Construcción
  • FCC Logistica
  • FCC Medio Ambiente, S. A.
  • FCC Versia, S. A.
  • Flightcare
  • Obralia
  • Realia Business, S. A.
  • Reparalia
  • Servicios y Procesos Ambientales, S. A. (SPA)
  • PER Gestora Inmobiliaria, S. L.
  • Waste Recycling Group