Fond (French for " Base"), also broth, basic broth, Essence, reduction and Fumet, is a liquid that is formed when frying, steaming or cooking vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, game or fruit and other things, and as a basis serves sauces and soups. The flavors of the cooked food are thereby solved by osmosis under the influence of heat in salt -free water.

The base ingredient is cooked with flavoring vegetables, herbs and spices. Usual fund types are gravy, vegetable stock, truffle stock, mushroom stock, veal stock, game stock, chicken stock, brown stock and fish stock.

In the dark funds that are used for dark sauces, one generated by sharper browning of ingredients roasting substances that give the fund a dark color.

In classical hotel kitchen funds are used for the production of basic sauces. Depending on the used rear arises here, for example from fish stock velouté de poisson, from veal stock velouté de veaux from poultry velouté de vollaile. Dark veal stock is ideal for the production of dark gravy ( jus de veau ). From game stock arises sauce de gibier, an important basis for game dishes.

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