Font superfamily

The term font family (also blended or hybrid font family ) referred to in typography a special kind of font families, their different styles are represented in several categories of a font classification.

The basic forms within the family are identical, however, the letters differ in the class -specific features, which enables for example very similar -looking sans serif and serif cuts. Some clans include in addition to the sans serif and serif styles special Semi Sans, Semiserif or Mix cuts. One of the first font families in 1932 by Jan van Krimpen the Romulus who faced a roman a Grotesque.

Known font families

  • Computer Modern (by Donald E. Knuth, with the families cmr ( Antiqua ), cmss ( sans serif ) and cmtt ( typewriter font ) )
  • Corporate ASE ( by Kurt Weidemann, with the families Antiqua, Sans and slab serif )
  • FF Meta ( Erik Spiekermann, with the families of FF Meta ( Sans ), Serif FF Meta and FF Meta Headline )
  • FF Nexus ( by Martin Majoor, with the families of FF Nexus Sans, FF Nexus Serif, FF Nexus Mix and FF Nexus Typewriter )
  • FF Quadraat ( Fred Smeijers, with the families FF Quadraat ( serif), FF Quadraat Sans, FF and FF Quadraat display Quadraat headliner )
  • FF Scala ( Martin Majoor, with the families of FF Scala ( serif) and FF Scala Sans )
  • Generis ( by Erik Faulhaber, with the families Generis Sans, Serif Generis, Generis Simple and Generis Slab )
  • ITC Humana ( by Timothy Donaldso, with the families ITC Humana Sans ITC Humana Serif and ITC Humana Script)
  • ITC Officina ( by Erik Spiekermann and Just van Rossum, ITC Officina Sans with the families, ITC Officina Serif and ITC Officina Display)
  • Liberation ( by Steve Matteson with the families Liberation Sans, Liberation Serif and Liberation Mono )
  • Linotype Authentic ( by Karin Huschka, with the families Linotype Authentic Sans, Linotype Authentic Serif, Linotype Authentic Small Serif and Linotype Authentic Stencil )
  • Linotype Compatil ( by Olaf Leu, with the families Compatil text, Compatil Fact, Compatil Letter and Compatil Exquisit )
  • Lucida ( by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes, with the families Lucida Sans, Lucida Sans, Lucida Sans Typewriter, Lucida Typewriter Serif and Lucida Math)
  • Penumbra ( by Lance Hidy, with the families Penumbra Sans, Serif Penumbra, Penumbra Half Serif and Penumbra Flare )
  • Romulus ( by Jan van Krimpen, with the families of Romulus ( serif) and Romulus Sans )
  • Rotis ( by Otl Aicher, with the families rotis serif, rotis semi serif, rotis semi sans - rotis and sans )
  • Sassoon ( by Rosemary Sassoon and Adrian William, with the families Sassoon Sans, Sassoon Book, Sassoon Primary, Infant and Sassoon Sassoon Sans Slope )
  • Stone ( by Sumner Stone, the Family Stone Serif, Stone Sans and Stone Informal )
  • Syntax ( Hans Eduard Meier, with the families Linotype Syntax, Linotype Syntax Serif, Linotype Syntax Letter and Linotype Syntax Lapidar )
  • Thesis ( by Lucas de Groot, with the families TheSans, TheSerif, TheMix and TheAntiqua )