Fontaine Saint-Michel

The Fontaine Saint -Michel ( German: St. Michael Fountain ) is a fountain in Paris' Place Saint -Michel at the start of the Boulevard Saint -Michel, which was built in 1860 by Gabriel Davioud. It is located on a house facade showing the Archangel Michael, who is fighting against the devil. The bronze statue of Saint Michael's was created by Francisque Joseph Duret. Originally, however, the wells should represent Napoléon I..


The Paris Prefect and city planner Baron Haussmann was the time of Napoleon III. many orders to reshape the city, major roads should be built instead of the small medieval streets, thus creating a more modern city. Since the Place Saint -Michel was to be redesigned, 1860, the Saint-Michel fountain was built.


At the top of the fountain an inscription is attached. Translated it reads: Saint Michael Fountain - This monument was built during the reign of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, in 1860 for the city of Paris..