FooBillard is a free billiards computer game. It is distinguished by its original detail ( OpenGL ) graphics and special adapted to billiards, control. Originally developed by Florian Berger for Linux, there are now porting to Windows, Mac OS X, SkyOS and Android. The game is in English, as a couple will be played on a computer on the network, as well as against the computer. The current version 3.0 supports the billiards variants 8 ball, 9 ball, carom and snooker.

The pool table

After starting the game, is in the foreground a small text menu. In the background a wooden table occupied by balls with gold cover and gold diamonds waiting for the game start. The following table sizes available: 7 feet, 8 feet, 9 feet and 12 feet. In addition, the pool table cloth colors gold green, golden red, chrome blue, white and black are configured black beige menu. After starting the game, the player can look at the table in free view mode from any perspective.

The balls

Initially located, depending on the variant, a different number of reflective billiard balls on the table. In the game menu allows the reflections and the details of the balls low ( little), medium ( middle), high ( high) or very high (very high) to adjust. The detailed circuit of the balls is directed according to the distance. The behavior of the balls (eg collisions ) is portrayed realistically.

The free view mode and zoom in / out function

The view of the table and the balls can be, according to the player's desire to change. The events can be displayed in three dimensions from any perspective and tracked. The cue - ball - view can be precisely controlled with the mouse buttons. So you can look at it from different perspectives and thus aim at a desired ball or a position of the table. If you roll the mouse forward or back and press the right mouse button, the view of the cue ball can go in and out.

The auxiliary line

FooBillard is equipped with an auxiliary line that runs vertically through the center of the cue ball. This is especially beginners and can optionally be disabled.

The swing bar

In the middle, bottom of the screen there is a swing bar. On the basis of this you can the speed and strength of the shock determine. The raise and lower turn he can use the arrow keys or the mouse wheel. Shooting can be with spacebar and with a push of the mouse wheel or the middle mouse button.

The computer-controlled opponents

Currently there is no human player available, a game against the computer are possible. The strength of the computer-controlled opponent ( Excellent, good, average, poor or very poor ) can be configured.

Tournament / "Tournament "

Only a few games against the computer are a bit boring in the long run. Therefore FooBillard has a tournament mode, which of the players in KO mode can compete against the virtual enemies.