Fools Garden

Fools Garden (earlier spelling: " Fool's Garden ") is a German band from Pforzheim moving somewhere between pop-rock and Britpop.


In 1991, Peter founded Freudenthal (born 19 February 1963 Vocals) and Volker Hinkel (* June 21, 1965, guitar), the band Fool's Garden and participated jointly in the same promo CD. After recording of Thomas Mangold ( born September 25, 1965 e- bass ), Roland Röhl ( born April 6, 1971 Keyboard) and Ralf Wochele ( born February 23, 1968 drums) two years later played the album Once in a Blue Moon a, which contained two new songs. This is the only commercially available album, in which Volker Hinkel sings several songs. A first success was recorded in 1994, the group, as the title Wild Days was chosen for a commercial C & A.

Followed in 1995 with the release of the also included on the album Dish of the Day number - one hits Lemon Tree the biggest success of the band's history. Both single ( three times Gold in Germany; platinum in Norway and Ireland; gold in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and France ) and album (platinum in Germany, gold in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia) sold very well outside of Germany. The single Lemon Tree was four weeks from 23 February to 21 March No. 1 on the German charts, the album Dish of the Day during the week of March 8 to 14. 1996 Fool's Garden awarded as the most successful young band with the Bambi, the Goldene Europa, the golden tuning fork and the echo.

With their later releases but the group on these successes was not able. After much wrangling with the record companies BMG and Polydor due to declining sales took place in 2003 after the release of the album 25 Miles to Kissimmee the separation of Peter Freudenthal and Volker Hinkel from the other band members. Since the separation Thomas Mangold and Roland Röhl run a joint advertising agency and a special printing, where you can have it printed CDs and DVDs. Musically is only Thomas Mangold as a bass player in various bands in use (all in the semi-professional range). Since then, Peter Freudenthal and Volker Hinkel lead the band along with the newcomers Gabriel Wood (guitar ), Claus Müller ( drums) and Dirk Blumlein (bass ) under the name Fools Garden (no apostrophe) on.

Fools Garden occurs today in duo or band occupation. In Germany the band plays mainly on open-air concerts such as 2013 when Germany hard at the Brandenburg Gate and in small venues, but can achieve success in China, Lithuania and parts of Russia. So Fools Garden played on the 750 - year celebration of King Mountain on July 3, 2005 approximately 100,000 visitors to the ceremony in Kaliningrad.

For Fool's Garden Meets Morscheck & Burgmann, they received 2005 Ravensburger Kupferle. In late summer 2009, the first best-of album of the band as a single CD and as a Limited Edition came 2- CD set on the market. It is titled High Times and in addition to 14 songs from his entire creative life and the new title High Time. The Limited Edition includes on the second CD 15 Live Unplugged songs of the band.

On September 14, 2012 published Fools Garden as the harbinger of the new album, the single Innocence, published, including a version with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra. The album Who Is Jo King? with 14 new tracks followed on 14 October 2012. Klaus Voormann, who had already designed the legendary Revolver cover of the Beatles, is also responsible for the new album cover of Fools Garden. The video for the single Innocence based on its graphics. The album was released in Germany in Seven Days Music and in Russia in Soyuz Music.

The song Man Of Devotion is used as a biasing sought by daughter in law. In Asia and Eastern Europe, the song from the use in a VW commercial was popular.

Music style

Fool's Garden is known for its blend of rock and pop pieces as well as a few ballads. Frequently her music style is compared to the Beatles, they also specify themselves as role models. The repertoire of the band but also includes faster songs, which can be attributed to the music genre of pop-rock. Typical of the group are so-called feel-good songs such as the comedy song on the album Ready for the Real Life and Rainy Day from the album Go and Ask Peggy for the Principal Thing. However, this is only a part of the musical spectrum of the group; appeared on the 2001 Single In The Name is addressed as child abuse.




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