Forchheim am Kaiserstuhl

Forchheim ( Alemannic Forche ) is a municipality in the district of Emmendingen in Baden-Württemberg.


The community Forchheim in Upper Rhine valley on the northern edge of the Emperor chair is the smallest municipality in the district of Emmen things. Neighboring municipalities are (from north clockwise): Kenzingen, latch on Emperor chair, Endingen chair, Wyhl and Weis Weil. After Endingen in the south is 3 km away, the county seat Emmendingen located 13 km south-east and the distance to Freiburg im Breisgau is about 26 km away.


The first mention of Forchheim dates from the year 762, as bishop of Strasbourg Eddo the location of the monastery Ettenheimmünster bequeathed. The name comes from the Old High German Forchheim forcha and means pine. The ending- home is typical of settlements from the Frankish period. The basic rule was still several hundred years when Ettenheimmünster monastery, the local rule practiced the respective Gaugrafen from im Breisgau. First, the Zähringers, later the Earl of Freiburg and the Count Palatine of Tübingen with which the country's sovereignty in the 15th century fell on the front Austria.

In 1803 Forchheim was Baden. 1843 migrated 358 citizens, in large part artisans with their families, from the neighborhood of the imperial chair due to crop failure, poverty and unemployment over Le Havre to Venezuela. They came mainly from Endingen chair, Wyhl and upper mountains, but also from Forchheim were there 31 people known by name. They found after some confusion in the Colonia Tovar a new home where they could preserve the local culture and the Alemannic dialect to this day.

In 1952, Forchheim as Baden congregation to the newly formed state of Baden -Württemberg. Since Forchheim before the municipal reform in Baden- Württemberg in the 1970s, its management voluntary rearranged and combined to an administrative community with Endingen chair, the place could get its political independence. The collaboration with Endingen chair, finally emerging the Gemeindeverwaltungsverband Northern Emperor chair, the addition belonging to communities Bahlingen, bars, Sasbach am Emperor chair and Wyhl.


The municipal election held on 7 June 2009 resulted in a turnout of 64.1 % to the following result:

  • Church of St. John the Baptist in Forchheim

Western Front



Economy and infrastructure

Established businesses

Except for a few small businesses there are in Forchheim little commerce or industry. A large part of the population of the smallest municipality of the district Emmendingen is active in the agricultural sector. The main focus is on growing potatoes for which Forchheim beyond the borders of the county, it is known. The potato area is 120 ha ( Emmendingen: 248 ha), which is managed by 25 full- agricultural enterprises and some sideline farmers. Many farmers market their products as its own markets in Emmendingen and Freiburg.

On the site of the village there is the sewage treatment plant of wastewater association, " Breisgauer bay " which cleans the wastewater of Freiburg and 28 cities and municipalities in the counties Breisgau in the Black Forest and Emmen things and feeds on receiving waters of the Rhine.


School attendance is not possible in Forchheim, the children go to Endingen chair to school if they do not attend high school in Kenzingen. However, there is a kindergarten with preschool in town.


The community Forchheim has a variety of clubs. Among the largest are the music club, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013, and the sports club with the departments soccer and gymnastics.


The community Forchheim has a local history museum. On display are exhibits mainly in the fields of agriculture and village history.

Regular events

Every year in mid-August in Forchheim the " Härdepfel & Village Festival ". It presents the small community that is known in the region as potato stronghold, especially potato specialties ( Härdepfel is Alemannic and means potato).

Since 1996 takes place in July or August, from 2010 on the first weekend of September, the traditional " Hodumi - Fäscht " instead. The festival took place until 2009 at the famous linden tree at the edge of the forest instead of Forchheimer, 2010 at the " Hodumi old town festival " will be held at the Festhalle Forchheim. The " Hodumi - Fäscht " eV is hosted by Hodumi club Forchheim. ( Hodumi is referred to as a special Forchheimer term and is " up in the morning ", "until it is no longer " mean ).

Early January, organized by the rural youth a theater in the multipurpose hall.

On Shrove Tuesday the Great Carnival parade takes place.


Forchheim is primarily known for the cultivation of potatoes and thereby produced his " great tubers " that are offered in addition to the more frequent direct marketing in the region, especially at festivals and in the few taverns of the village in different variations.


The local dialect belongs to the Upper Rhine Alemannic.

In Forchheim the band Patty Moon is at home.

The Carnival in Forchheim ( Forchemer carnival ) the carnival figure Forchemer Schell -Mi plays a special role.