Ford GT

The Ford GT is a mid-engine sports car by the car manufacturer Ford, of which a total of 4038 copies were produced between August 2004 and September 2006. Of these, 101 pieces at a price of 177,000 euros for the European market were determined.


At NAIAS 2002, before the Ford GT40 concept car, which was a remake of the 1964 to 1968 built Le Mans race car Ford GT40. The concept vehicle was part of the " Living Legends " series, made ​​earlier in the Ford models like the Thunderbird and Mustang back to life. Up to 100 - year celebration of the brand in June 2003, the team developed a production model in 16 months from the GT40 concept car.

Under the optically slightly changed body was modern engineering. The new model was to dispense with the suffix " 40 ", which went back to the carriage height of 40 inches on the 1964 car. The new GT is 43 inches high.

Back in 1995, showed Ford with the GT90, a concept vehicle that had received the nomenclature of the original model.

Technical specifications and performance data

The modern Ford GT was not determined for the 24- hour race at Le Mans, but he should be able to compete with the best sports cars in the world. Thus, several racing variants have been developed according to different technical rules based on the road car of various motor sports companies, including a GT3 car of Matech Concepts, whose first race in the FIA ​​GT3 European Championship took place. This in turn is the basis for a 2009 featured racing car, in accordance with the rules of the group for the GT1 from 2010 newly advertised FIA GT1 World Championship. In addition, there is also a GT2 variant of Doran designs.

The engine of the Ford GT is a 5.4 -liter V8 engine with a Lysholm compressor providing up to 404 kW ( 550 hp ) and develops a maximum torque of 774 Nm. It accelerates the Ford GT to a top speed of 330 km / h and thus makes the GT the fastest production car Ford. For the sprint to 100 km / h, the vehicle needs only 3.9 seconds.

Side view of engine

Rear view


GT2 variant of the Ford GT in the American Le Mans Series

Ford GTX1 prototype


Having started in August 2004 at the Ford plant in Wixom, Michigan, the series production of the Ford GT, Ford launched a recall in December of the same year. The 448 by this time built Ford GT had to be checked out as planned due to possible cracks on the wishbones of suspension. The problem had been identified by Ford in routine examinations of the GT. Accidents in the United States until then had not been known.


In the BBC program Top Gear Ford GT has been praised as " the only ever built in the U.S. sports car " as he uncharacteristically was limited for U.S. models not only good tracking, but also in corners and was able to convince when decelerating. There direct comparisons were drawn to competitors, such as the Ferrari 360 Modena.