Fordham University

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The Fordham University is a private university in New York City. She is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. Currently, 14,700 students are enrolled.


The Fordham University was founded in 1841 by the Roman Catholic Diocese of New York as Saint John 's College. It was given its present name in 1907. Was the first Catholic higher education institution in the northeastern United States. 2010 donated Fordham alumnus Mario Gabelli of GAMCO Investors $ 25 million to Fordham University to fund the renewal of the Business School and the enticement of several Ivy League professors. The Fordham business school was henceforth renamed the Gabelli School of Business.


In 2008, the Fordham University Square 18 ranked ( No. 6 in the U.S.) in the Professional Ranking of Universities Worldwide worldwide. This ranking measures the ability of a university to produce leading people in the business world.

2010 demonstrated the Fordham University in a U.S. News & World Report ranking of the category "Students Producing the Most Interns" 6th place

In the American university rankings 2010, the Fordham University finished second in the Washington Monthly Publication No. 31, U.S. News & World Report in 2011 led them to 56th position

The news organization Kaplan / Newsweek called the Fordham University in 2008 as one of the " Top 25 Hottest Colleges " in the United States with the title " Hottest Catholic University ". In the Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranking of 2006 and 2007, which strongly oriented to the statements of Recruiters, Fordham University came in at number 27, the acceptance rate for 2011 was 37%. Thus, the University reaffirms the vision of the President of the University, Father McShane to transform Fordham in a more selective university.

Future plans for the Fordham University

In 2006 the new incumbent president, Joseph M. McShane, a plan that reputation, the academic output, and the quality of teaching at Fordham University formulated to further promote. McShane intends to reform the university to the best Catholic university in the United States. Under his leadership, among other things, the endowment was increased, hired new professors and lecturers and built a new building at Lincoln Center.


  • Arts and Sciences (1916 )
  • Law ( 1905)
  • Religion and Religious Education (1969 )
  • Human Services (1916 )
  • Economics / Gabelli School of Business (1969 )


The sports teams are called the Fordham University Rams. The university is a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference.

Famous people



Justice and politics


Arts and Culture


  • Michael Kay




  • Billionaire Donald Trump
  • Evgeny Markovich Schwidler, oligarch
  • Mario Gabelli, investment bankers - Founder & CEO of GAMCO Investors
  • E. Gerald Corrigan, bankers - Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • David V. Almeida, CBA '73, Vice President, Bank of New York
  • Donald V. Almeida, CBA '73, Vice Chairman, PriceWaterhouse Coopers
  • Terence P. Begley, CBA '86, CEO Corporate Banking, PNC Financial Services
  • Frank J. Belatti, founder and president of AFC Enterprises
  • Robert M. Calderoni, CBA '80, Chairman and CEO, Ariba
  • Frank A. Calderoni, EVP undCFO, Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • George E. Doty, Former Senior Director of Goldman Sachs
  • Stephen J. Hemsley, CEO of UnitedHealth Group
  • James Leitner, LAW '82, president of Falcon Management