Foreign Policy (magazine)

Foreign Policy is a first quarterly and currently bimonthly magazine in the U.S. and focuses on the foreign policy of the United States and international politics, relationships and business.

It was founded in 1970 by Samuel P. Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel. In addition to Foreign Affairs, it is one of the leading and opinion-forming magazines in this area. Foreign Policy is published by the Washington Post Company, has officially launched the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace replaced as editor since 29 September 2008. The biggest external perception undergoes Foreign Policy, especially through the prepared annually Index of Globalization and the Failed State Index. The circulation of just under 110,000 copies. A well-known editor of this magazine is Moisés Naím, current editor in chief is Susan Glasser.

Internet presence

In early 2006, the magazine expanded its web presence with the blog Foreign Policy Passport. Since then, several blogs have been added. Among the most well-known authors include the military reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner Tom Ricks, the bestselling author Stephen M. Walt, the former high-ranking employee of the Defense of the United States, a policy advisor to George W. Bush, Dov Zakheim, and Steve bends, the foreign policy adviser to John McCain.