Form 10-K

As a Form 10- K is of the SEC referred to a U.S. Agency for the Control of securities trading, an annual report in a standardized form.

In contrast to the annual report, which is often colorful printed on glossy paper, Form 10- K is simple and strictly standardized. It contains information about company's history, the structure, the content of the directors to subsidiaries and standardized financial statements. Companies with assets of more than $ 10 million and more than 500 content owners need - whether they or are not freely traded companies are joint stock companies - like to report on Form 10-K. All Form 10- K reports are searchable on the EDGAR database of the SEC.

In addition to the annual Form 10- K, the company must complete the Form 10- Q for the first three quarters. If in the last quarter before submission of the annual report, done something important, such as a bankruptcy, the Form 8- K is required.

The name of the form 10-K comes from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR ) under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.