Formula 3 Euro Series

The Formula 3 Euro Series was an international Formula 3 Championship. It should serve as a springboard drivers in the GP2 series and further into the DTM and Formula 1. Examples include Lewis Hamilton, Timo Glock, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica (all now in Formula 1 ), Edoardo Mortara or Jamie Green ( DTM). But also in other series it has some devious drivers after their time in the Formula 3 Euro Series, so runs about Ryan Briscoe in the Indy Car Series.

It was founded in 2003 by the merger of the German and the French Formula 3 Championship and is a partner of the DTM series. The racetracks are located in Europe.

The 2003 season was not the first championship, which was held in Europe. Between 1966 and 1972 there was a FIA Formula 3 European Nations Cup, 1976-1984, the FIA ​​Formula 3 Championship, in 1975 and between 1985 and 1990, then again in 1999 to 2004 FIA Formula 3 European Cup and also still 1987, the EFDA Formula 3 euro Series and 1988 Formula 3 euro Challenge. Known drivers who were able to enter into the winners' list were Anthony Davidson, Alessandro Zanardi, Joachim Winkelhock, Alain Prost and Riccardo Patrese.

After the 2012 season, the Formula 3 Euro Series has been discontinued. Indirect successor series is the European Formula 3 Championship, which was introduced in 2012 and was included in this year, some Formula 3 Euro Series race at their rating.

Technical Regulations

The engine must have a production engine block and a cylinder head series, the request of series production from a production of 2,500 engines per year is met ( homologation ). You may use only four- cylinder 4- stroke engines. Mandatory is a restrictor with a diameter of 26 mm, the use of magnesium in the construction and turbocharging are prohibited.

It is shifted with a sequential 6- speed gearbox.

The engine capacity must not exceed 2000cc; the bore and stroke are not regulated.

In the Formula 3 Euro Series of tires Kumho Ecsta unit was used up to and including 2011. Since 2012, Hankook Tire is the exclusive tire partner. The number of tires per season is limited to 60 sets of each vehicle employed, ie maximum of three sets per race event. The rain tires are limited to two sets per weekend; their use is allowed only if the race director a race declared as so-called " wet race ", ie wet race. The tires may only be filled with ambient air or nitrogen, they may be edited either chemically or mechanically, so also not be heated with tire warmers. The front tire size is 180/550 R 13 and rear 240/570 R 13 The ( almost uniformly from the ATS -derived ) Wheels can be up to 11.5 inches wide and have a maximum diameter of 13 inches.

The chassis must not be changed and must have a front and rear crash box and two rollover structures during a racing event.

With driver and the complete equipment as well as with all the necessary liquids other than gasoline in a race car the car must get at least 540 kilos.

It may not be fitted by the FIA/FT3 homologated tank. Be refueled the cars with BP Ultimate 102 during training and racing before refueling; after training and racing but must still be present for at least 1 kilogram of fuel in the tank.

Any form of data transmission from the car to the box or vice versa is prohibited.

Sporting Regulations

Race weekend

A race weekend lasts three days and includes per event three races.

On the first day (Friday) is usually a 120 -minute "pre -event test " instead, which is divided by a five-minute break in two 60-minute sections; after a 30-minute qualifying session is run, the best times are the starting grid for Sunday and its second-best times of the starting grid for the first race on Saturday.

On the second day (Saturday) two races are held. The race distance of the first race is about 110 km, a maximum of 40 minutes is gone; that of the second race about 55 km and a maximum of 20 minutes. For the second run results in the race results of the first run, the starting lineup, the first night will start in reverse order.

On the third day (Sunday ) is the last of the three races will take place. Hazards are about 110 km, but a maximum of 40 minutes.

Points system


The points are included in the following ratings: Driver's title, " Rookie Cup " ( classification for newcomers ), team and national rankings.

Past Masters of Formula 3 Euro Series