Formula Abarth

The Formula Abarth is a trademark formula that has existed since 2010.

  • 3.1 European Formula Abarth
  • 3.2 Italian Formula Abarth
  • 3.3 Formula Pilota China Series
  • 3.4 Panam GP Series
  • 3.5 Florida Winter Series


The first series with Formula Abarth single-seaters was the Italian Formula ACI - CSAI - Abarth Championship, in 2010, as a direct successor to the 2005-2009 existing and vehicles of the type Gloria B5- 10Y (2005-2007 ) and Uboldi GU/07 (2008-2009) antretenden formula Azzurra was established. In 2011 followed a similarly sanctioned by the ACI European series. In addition, the Formula Abarth 2011 expanded to China, where the Formula Pilota China series was created, and in 2012 to Mexico, where vehicles of this type are used in the Panam GP Series. All these series are officially supported by the Ferrari Driver Academy, which as a win bonus allows the respective First a complete training course.


The unit vehicle comes from Tatuus bears the name of FA010 and is equipped with a turbo engine by Fiat Powertrain Technologies and Kumho tires fitted.



European Formula Abarth

The European Formula Abarth series held in 2011 race weekends from Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria.

Italian Formula Abarth

The Italian Formula Abarth Championship, which the direct successor of the formula took Azzurra 2010, their race carries mainly on Italian racetracks. Partial find the race weekends, along with those of the European series instead; In such cases, deny the drivers of the European and the Italian Formula Abarth their races together.

Formula Pilota China Series

The series was founded in 2011 has appeared in her first season primarily on Chinese routes, but also in Malaysia.

Panam GP Series

The series is 2012 race in Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela unsubscribe. From 2005 to early 2008, there was this race series already under the same organizational leadership, but she went with Formula Renault 2.0 cars.

Florida Winter Series

2014 Founded in series with races in Florida.