The formula is in the scientific sense, a sequence of letters, numbers, symbols, symbols, or words to the shortened name of a mathematical, physical or chemical facts, context, or rule.

The Verformelung is the conversion of a link in an expression to a specific classification of a formula language.


When using formulas, it is assumed that the trade group they used has agreed in advance of the meaning of each formula elements, and proper grammar.


Normalizes the spelling of formulas of all areas of metrology in the international standard ISO / IEC 80000, which specifies the formal rules for various physical quantities in part 14 standards. Relevant DIN standards are about to DIN 1302 General mathematical symbols and terms that DIN 1338 formula notation and set of formulas and DIN 1304 symbols.


  • Mathematical formula
  • Logical formula
  • Chemical formula
  • Empirical formula; see also equation

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