Fort Minor

Fort Minor is an alternative hip- hop project of Mike Shinoda.


2005 Shinoda released the mixtape We Major, which contains primarily B-sides and remixes, as a free download to promote the debut album The Rising Tied. The name is based on Kanye West's song of the same name, which in turn is sampled on two tracks from the mixtape.

On The Rising Tied was the Linkin Park MC, among others, Jay -Z ( co- producer), Styles of Beyond, Common, John Legend, Skylar Grey, Kenna and his bandmates from Linkin Park, Joe Hahn, supported.

Mike Shinoda sings the most of themselves, in many songs but are also Ryan Maginn ( Ryu ) and Takbir Bashir ( Tak ) involved, supported by Colton Fisher (DJ Cheapshot ).

Mike Shinoda produced, mixte and wrote all the songs on the first album itself also plays most of the instruments that can be heard.

2012 said Mike Shinoda, after the sixth studio album by Linkin Park a continuation of Fort Minor is conceivable. On October 25, 2013 appeared on the remix album Recharged by Linkin Park the title Skin to Bone ( Nick Catchdubs Remix feat Cody B. Ware & Ryu, in which Ryu of Styles of Beyond following raps. :

" Fort Minor: We Major; let's take it to phase II / The mission is not finished yet / I've been on the internet / Hearin ' fans talk and maybe We Should Consider It. "

" Fort Minor: We Major; we bring it to the second part / The mission is not yet fulfilled / I was on the Internet / [ I ] heard talk fans and maybe we should consider it. "


Mike Shinoda won a Moonman for the song Where'd You Go in the category " Ringtone of the Year" at the MTV Video Music Awards 2006.



  • 2005: The Rising Tied


  • 2006: Sessions @ AOL
  • 2006: Militia EP


  • 2005: Petrified / Remember the Name
  • 2005: Believe Me
  • 2006: Where'd You Go
  • 2006: S.C.O.M. / Dolla / Get It / Spraypaint & Ink Pens


  • 2005: Sampler Mixtape
  • 2005: We Major (DJ Green Lantern presents Fort Minor: We Major) ( Promo Mixtape for The Rising Tied, as a free download published)