Fort St. James

Fort St. James is a church that is located in the center of the Canadian province of British Columbia. That this church the name -giving Fort was appointed to the National Historic Site of Canada in 1948.

North of Fort St. James is the Mount Pope Provincial Park, west of the pairing Beach Provincial Park.


The community is based on the founding of Fort St. James in 1806., The fort was founded by Simon Fraser, who explored the North West Company of British Columbia. The place was known as the Stuart Lake Post and represented one of the first European settlements in New Caledonia, as the Hudson's Bay Company British Columbia called, John Stuart and James McDougall dar. were two assistants of Simon Fraser, which this area of usability studied rivers for transportation. After that name the fort or the next adjacent lake was named. The fort was the property of the Hudson 's Bay Company as the North West Company was taken over by this.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 1,691 inhabitants for the community. The population of the municipality has thereby increased since the census of 2006 at well above-average 25.3%, while the population in the rest of the Province of British Columbia at the same time grew by 7.0%.

Geography and climate

The municipality is located on the southeastern shore of Stuart Lakes, from where the lake empties into the Stuart River. The climate is characterized Continental, it prevail very snowy winters ago.


The granting of local autonomy for the church took place on December 31, 1947 (incorporated as the Village Municipality ).

Mayor of the municipality is Rob MacDougall. Together with four other citizens, it forms the Council of the municipality ( council).


Fort St. James is located at the northern end of Highway 27, which leads to the Yellowhead Highway in Vanderhoof. About 4 kilometers south of the community is a regional airport, the Fort St. James ( Perison ) Airport. The airport (IATA: YJM, ICAO: CYJM ) has only one paved runway and runway of 1,219 meters in length.