Geographical location

Fosen is a peninsula on the west coast of Norway in the Fylken North and Sør -Trøndelag. The peninsula has an area of ​​about 3500 square kilometers and is relatively sparsely populated with a population of 25,612 inhabitants in 2007. The peninsula is located off the coast of Trøndelag, northwest of Trondheim fjord, and is bordered to the west by the estuary Frohavet. The municipality Namdalseid and Namsfjord limiting to the north and northeast. The highest point of the peninsula is the mountain Finnvollheia, moh 675, this summit also marks the boundary between the municipalities and Åfjord Namdalseid

On the peninsula there are the following places:

Highways ( " Riksvei " ) and ferry the Fosen peninsula is connected to the rest of the mainland. The nearest large city is Trondheim, there are next to an airport and an international port and a railway station.