Foster's Lager

Foster's Lager is an internationally distributed Australian brand of beer. It is manufactured by the Foster's Group and brewed under license in many countries, including the USA, Canada and the People's Republic of China.

The European Trademarks are owned by Heineken. They brew and distribute Foster's in most European countries including Great Britain, Greece, France, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and the Republic of Ireland. In the United States and India are the trademarks owned by SABMiller.


1887 sailed the Irish brothers William M. Foster and Ralph R. Foster from New York to Melbourne and founded the Foster's Brewing Company on Rokeby Street, Collingwood. The first Foster's in 1888 and relatively new to Australia as a local brewed lager.

At the turn of the century Foster's has already been delivered to all Australian States and exported to Samoa and South Africa. 1908, not long after the merger with Carlton & United Breweries (CUB ) Foster's the brewery was closed on Rokeby Street and Foster's name was almost lost. Cubs brewed Foster's the only reason why further because they were forced by laws of the states of Queensland and Western Australia do so.

The still is in use Foster's yeast was brought in 1923 by Professor Jorgensen in Denmark to Carlton. Since 1970, Foster's was imported in large quantities from Australia to Europe. It was also known there by its typical blue, white and golden box. 1971 Foster was in England by Barry Humphries hit movie " The Adventures of Barry McKenzie " famous, where almost stopped the actor Bazza the entire movie a Foster's in his hand. In 1972, Foster's in the United States. The success there is closely associated with the sponsorship of sporting events. Fosters sponsored the 1972 America's Cup and tennis pros such as John Newcombe. The novelty value of the large 26.oz cans, known as oil cans, also contributed greatly to the popularity of the brand Foster's. 1981 Foster's yeast was sent to England there to brew Foster's Draught. Foster's Draught was a modified version of Foster's Lager to suit the English palate. Sales increased, and locally brewed Foster's Lager was first sold in England in 1984.

1986 Cubs, Foster's began to brew in Canada in partnership with Carling O'Keefe Ltd.. Since 1991, Foster's is brewed and distributed by the Holsten brewery in Germany. Worldwide, Foster's is available in more than 150 countries.


The growth of Foster's was supported by the actor Paul Hogan, who made ​​a career later as " Crocodile Dundee ". At the time of his first appearance for Foster's, he had given up his job as a rigger on the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and was already a popular comedian. His first Foster's advertising was as follows:

Foster's was the official Olympic beer for Australia at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. On April 1, 1985, the Melbourne Cup ( horse racing ) was henceforth renamed as Foster 's Melbourne Cup. Foster's was the official beer of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Adelaide and Melbourne, as well as the " Aussie Rules grand final ". In addition, sponsors Foster's Wheel, tennis and golf.


Foster's Lager has a light malt character. The beer is brewed in Germany under Australian original recipe. The ingredients differ from a normal beer ( purity law ), and are imported from Australia to the original flavor make here. The ingredients are water, malt, hops and glucose syrup. The alcohol content is 5%. The wort is given as 11.2 degrees Plato.

Success in Australia

Although Foster's Lager is marketed internationally as the Australian beer, it is not particularly successful in his home country. The best-selling beer brands there are also manufactured by the Foster 's Group, Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught, followed by Toohey's and XXXX ( both manufactured by Lion Nathan ).