Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation

FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation ) was founded in autumn 1994 by the associations of the Swiss, Austrian and German industry as an internationally oriented foundation to ensure transparency and quality in education. It is one of ten accreditation agencies that ensure the technical and substantive assessment of study programs the Bachelor / Bachelor and Master / Magister in Germany on behalf of the Foundation for the Accreditation of Study Programmes in Germany. Foundation headquarters is Zurich, the main office is in Bonn. FIBAA has its main field of work in the assessment of economic science, quite scientific and social science -oriented courses.

In addition, the FIBAA works in frame with international bodies on the comparability of quality standards and quality assurance processes in education. In order to gain experience from the higher education and accreditation scene from different countries fruitful for their accreditation process, FIBAA is cross-linked to the relevant committees and working groups for quality assurance in higher education at European level and recognized in several countries outside the German language area as the official accrediting agency.

  • 2.1 In the area of ​​program accreditation 2.1.1 International
  • 2.1.2 In Germany
  • 2.1.3 In Switzerland
  • 2.1.4 In the Netherlands
  • 2.2.1 International: Institutional Audit
  • 2.2.2 In Germany: System Accreditation
  • 2.3.1 Certification of training courses
  • 2.3.2 Certification of Corporate Learning Units ( CLU)

FIBAA method

Peer -review process

The evaluation of courses, training courses, educational institutions and quality management systems based on the reported in the academic peer -review process: Check Independent and according to professional criteria selected appraisers and assess the facts with college. For the appointment of assessors and verifiers FIBAA sets based on a number of requirements. A system of criteria is intended to ensure an unbiased expertise. FIBAA has an appraiser pool, which counts more than 500 proven experts in their areas.

FIBAA questions for Reviewers

To support their clients FIBAA has a FIBAA Questions Self-Assessment Guide ( FBK ) developed for each process that contains all the relevant quality criteria in the form of questions and definitions of the benchmarks. These catalogs are for the FIBAA Client the basis for the creation of their self-documentation.

FIBAA decision-making bodies

The FIBAA Foundation appoints for each area ( program accreditation, institutional accreditation, certification of training courses and certification of Corporate Learning Units ) each have a commission whose task it is to the accreditation or certification on the basis of expert reports and welcoming the opinion of the College to decide. In the area of ​​program accreditation FIBAA Accreditation Commission for Programs (F- AK PROG) the one body that decides on the accreditation of the reviewed studies. The successful completion of an accreditation system or method for Institutional Audit FIBAA Accreditation Commission decides to institutional process (F - AK INST). The decision on the certification of continuing education courses meets the FIBAA Certification Commission for continuing education courses (F -ZK ZERT ). Whether a corporate learning unit is certified, decides the FIBAA Certification Commission for Corporate Learning Units ( F -ZK CORP ).

Performance areas FIBAA

In the area of ​​program accreditation


FIBAA assessed and accredited Bachelor 's, Master's and PhD programs in economics, law and social science areas of state and state- recognized universities as well as at universities that are in formation. Since its founding in 1994 FIBAA has successfully performed more than 1,200 accreditation process. It has courses not only in German but also in Europe (eg, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic) and to non-European (eg, India, Jordan, Namibia, Russia, Czech Republic, USA and Vietnam) universities accredited. For accreditation outside Germany FIBAA taken into account the respective national regulations and connects them with their own quality standards and requirements.

The principles of the Bologna Declaration of 1999 and its further development are the basic assessment criteria in the accreditation. The special focus for the award of FIBAA quality seal for accredited programs is on internationalism, employability and enterprises. With a positive accreditation decision FIBAA gives the university its seal of quality. Established programs that are already recorded and graduates have a significantly superior quality in teaching and learning in the context of a FIBAA accreditation process are awarded the premium seal. FIBAA is the only accreditation agency that gives a premium seal.

In Germany

For German state and state-recognized universities FIBAA also offers the accreditation according to the quality requirements of the Accreditation Council. Aim of this procedure is compliance with the quality requirements of the Accreditation Council, the provisions of (KMK ) and any country-specific requirements in degree programs. In a successful conclusion FIBAA gives the university the seal of the Accreditation Council.

In Switzerland

In Switzerland, the accreditation of study programs at colleges subject to the provisions of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs (DEA ), the recommendations of the Conference of the Switzerland of the colleges, the guidelines of the FH Council of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (FHR EDK ) and the Federal Law on the colleges. FIBAA has since 2008 allowed the DEA, on whose behalf to consider applications for accreditation from Swiss universities of applied sciences.

In the Netherlands

Degree programs at Dutch universities analyzed the FIBAA accordance with the requirements of the accreditation organization Nederlands Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie (NVAO ) for the accreditation decision.

In the area of institutional accreditation

In the area of institutional accreditation FIBAA provides the following services available:

International: Institutional Audit

Foreign and German universities offers FIBAA the test procedure, ' Institutional Audit ' on. Under this procedure, the management of higher education institution based on its key performance areas (research, teaching, administration, public relations) is checked. The method is aimed at universities and faculties, departments or schools that - for example, to promote international cooperation - want to document their quality through an institutional test methods. After a successful completion of the procedure FIBAA gives the university the FIBAA quality seal for Institutional Audit.

In Germany: System Accreditation

As part of the accreditation system by the University's internal quality assurance system is assessed in accordance with the requirements of the Accreditation Council. A successful accreditation system all currently offered or during the term of the accreditation term newly established degree programs are so accredited. After a successful system accreditation FIBAA gives the university the seal of the Accreditation Council.

In the area of ​​certification

Certification of training courses

FIBAA certified continuing education courses at universities and educational institutions, which do not lead to an academic degree. With a successful certification will improve the transparency and comparability ensured by international standards, the continuing education courses offered in each case ( EQF level 5 to 8). The certified training courses gives you the FIBAA quality seal that documents the quality and the higher level of these courses. Training courses, which have excellent quality are awarded the FIBAA premium seal.

Certification of Corporate Learning Units ( CLU)

Under this procedure, objectives, management and organization of a Corporate Learning Unit on the one hand tested and assessed (transparency of the offer by modularization and presentation of workload ) as well as its academic quality on the other hand the supply of training in terms of its formal correspondence in regard to the requirements of the Bologna process. The certification FIBAA showed that a Corporate Learning Unit and the content of training opportunities to the corporate aim and are capable of connection to academic further education. Certified Corporate Learning Units gives FIBAA their quality seal as evidence of high quality and academic level Corporate Learning Units, which have excellent quality, be awarded the FIBAA premium seal.

In the consulting FIBAA Consult

The organizational unit FIBAA Consult supports institutions in different areas and stages of quality development and assurance. FIBAA Consult offers workshops and seminars for universities on topics related to quality assurance in higher education, individual counseling (including institutional arrangements ) as well as studies and contract projects.