Fountain (heraldry)

The fountain can be found in the newer heraldry as a common figure in many coats of arms of cities and towns. His presentation is a stylized form. There are one, two or three bowls on each other in order of decreasing size, such as a cake stand in blazon shown. The water fountain gushes when the Color box allows in silver or blue. You schwallt of the upper shell always in a constantly lower over the edge or by lateral gargoyles left and right taking the same path.

In wells with a shell, it is possible to move up the fountain in the center and then return into two beams falling into the cup. The variant is laterally ascending two fountains that meet in the middle, is possible. Columns as well, from which water leaks, are also known. The old form of the ornamental fountain is depicted frequently in coats of arms. The choice to lead a well in the coat of arms, has different reasons. Often spa and saltwater sources are relevant in the municipality reason for the coat of arms capability. The locations are occasionally reported as a spa and spas. Since the wells were not in use in classical heraldry, must be closed to commercial advertising in modern times. Myths, Legends and other traditions about cures and miracles often form the basis for the fountain selection.

Often, even in the village center ( market or church square ) existing wells with its history or its unique special structural design is a welcome opportunity to represent him in the coat of arms. Is the emblem plenty of space, a detailed presentation is possible. The description is only complicated because after that must have a unique coat of arms can be created.

If cities and municipalities are located sources or the runs of major rivers, it is represented by a wave cut in the sign. The proximity of the concepts well and Born was also found in heraldry reflected. A rock with stürzendes from a gap or a three mountain water is often interpreted as a source. It is also possible interpretation of a major waterfall in the community area. The newer Heraldry made ​​even winding towers for oil and gas crest fit. Here, however, the salesmanship and advertising must be seen as the heraldic significance.

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