Fowler is the name of geographical objects:

In the United States:

  • Fowler (Colorado)
  • Fowler (Illinois )
  • Fowler (Indiana)
  • Fowler (California )
  • Fowler (Kansas)
  • Fowler (Michigan)
  • Fowler (New York)
  • Fowler (Ohio )

In Canada:

  • Fowler (British Columbia), the Stikine River area, British Columbia
  • Mount Fowler (British Columbia ) Mount the Shuswap Lake, British Columbia
  • Mount Fowler ( Lillooet Icecap ), mountain in the Lillooet Icecap, British Columbia
  • Mount Fowler (Hastings Arm), mountain at the Hastings Arm, British Columbia
  • Mount Fowler ( Quebec) mountain in the Restigouche region, Quebec
  • Fowler Creek, tributary of the Salmon River, British Columbia
  • Fowler Mountain ( Kings County), Mountain Kings County ( New Brunswick)
  • Fowler Mountain ( Northumberland County), mountain in Northumberland County ( New Brunswick)
  • Fowler, Ontario, area in Kenora District, Ontario
  • Fowler, Ontario (Thunder Bay ) area in Thunder Bay District, Ontario
  • Fowler Lake Recreation Site, Location in Saskatchewan
  • Fowlers Corners (Ontario ) area in Peterborough County and Victoria County, Ontario
  • Fowlers Corners (New Brunswick ), area in Queens County, New Brunswick

In Australia:

  • Division of Fowler, electoral district in New South Wales

Fowler is a family name, see Fowler ( last name )

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  • Fowler test, a method of Oto-Rhino - Laryngology
  • Fowler's solution, a drug
  • John Fowler & Co., a British manufacturer of commercial vehicles
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