Fox (Band)

Fox was a British rock band that was from 1974 to 1977 successfully. The group was influenced by the Australian singer Susan Traynor ( born December 8, 1944 as Susan Traynor ) that occurred under her stage name Noosha Fox.

Band History

The initiator of Fox was an American songwriter, producer and guitarist Kenny Young. During the 1960s, some of his compositions were successful, such as Under the Boardwalk for the Drifters (1964 ), Just a Little Bit Better (1965) and Do not Go Out into the Rain (1967 ) for Herman 's Hermits and co-wrote together Ben Yardley (pseudonym for Estelle Levitt ) Captain of Your Ship for Reparata and the Delrons (1968). But on various labels he also published even single records under his name or pseudonyms, which carry mostly name of an animal: The Seagulls, The Squirrels.

In the U.S., Young had already worked occasionally with Susan Traynor together, as not an official member of the " Charmettes " to the product produced by Young Title Please Do not Kiss Me Again had a little success. 1968 Traynor and Young went to England together. There, Young discovered in a television appearance the Northern Irish singer Clodagh Rodgers. This resulted in three successful years with hit singles like Come Back and Shake Me ( 1969). Early 1970s was Susan Traynor singer in a folk group called " Wooden Horse ", which released two albums before they disbanded again in 1973. As " Amanda " Traynor was also to Kenny Young's solo album Last Stage for Silver World (1973 ) involved.

After his success with Clodagh Rodgers Young co-founded the Irish singer and guitarist Herbie Armstrong 1974, the group Fox, and committed also Traynor as lead singer, who thereupon assumed the stage name Noosha Fox. The other band members were Pete Solley (keyboards, vocals ), Jim Gannon (guitar, vocals ), Gary Taylor (bass, vocals) and Jim Frank ( drums, percussion, vocals ).

Their first single, Only You Can - published in February 1975 GTO - was a worldwide hit parade success. In the UK, the song even reached number 3 on the singles charts in Germany and No. 2 in Switzerland, the top position. The simply -titled debut album with the band name appeared in the spring of 1975 and arrived in the UK in the top 10 on the LP charts. This contains also was the follow-up single Imagine Me, Imagine You ( Top 10 in Germany ) and with He 's Got Magic, a further minor hit for Fox in Germany. The rest of the album was more of a collection of older song material from the pen Kenny Young. So Clodagh Rodgers had years earlier made ​​demo recordings of some of these songs.

Noosha Fox, shrouded with a mysterious image on the model of Marlene Dietrich, always pale complexion and long, elegant dresses, argued the sung of her songs with a slight exaltation and nasal voice. The hit parade -grade soft rock arrangements with oblique ingredients and plenty verschwurbelten lyrics about patient tigers and babies in the constellation of Pisces (Patient Tigers, Pisces ' Babies ) could sometimes move in the vicinity of the type - glam rock group and their songs.

On the following album Tails of Illusion (1975 ) took over most songs Kenny Young the lead vocals, which probably irritated parts of the audience, yet the group Fox especially with their hit singles and Noosha Fox ' union voice. With an unfavorable mix of art rock song à la 10cc, folk rock, as in the group America and even Blues ( Howdja ) the album failed to impress critics such as music fans. Roger Taylor of the rock band Queen sang backing vocals on the song Survival as Queen were working on recording their album A Night at the Opera in the same studio. The third and final Fox album Blue Hotel (1977 ) contains the already published in August 1976 surprise hit SSS - Single Bed; UK 4th place runner in Australia. Noosha Fox again sang most lead vocals, but the commercial success of the LP also failed to materialize this time.

Noosha Fox left the band after Blue Hotel and began a solo career. Their first single, Georgina Bailey written and produced by Young in 1977 reached at least the top 40 in the UK. However, for the publication of an already planned solo album, it did not come. Subsequent singles from it were not more successful. The Heat Is On, which they brought out in 1979, was four years later in the version with Agnetha Fältskog from ABBA hit. Herbie Armstrong and Kenny Young took first in a band called "Yellow Dog" on. Armstrong worked with Van Morrison and Pete Solley went to Whitesnake later. He was recently participating in an English talent show and also managed the semi-finals.

Noosha Fox tried in the early eighties, a few singles record ( the label earlobe ), which all but flopped. She retired from the music business back then recognizable, but remained in England. Fox even unite again briefly in 1980 to a wave -influenced song einzuspielen called " Electro People", which was also used on British television. In 2007 it was said on the radio station BBC, Fox Noosha would record a solo album with electropop pieces and would also have their own website.



  • Only You Can / Out Of My Body (GTO 1975)
  • He 's Got Magic / The Love Ship (GTO 1975)
  • Strange Ships / Little Brown Box (GTO 1975)
  • S-S -S- Single Bed / Silk Milk (GTO 1976)
  • My Old Man's Away / Magic Machine (GTO 1977)

LPs / CDs

  • Fox (GTO 1975, Cherry Red 2002)
  • Tails of Illusion (GTO 1975, Cherry Red 2004)
  • Blue Hotel (GTO 1977, Cherry Red 2006 )
  • Only You Can ( 1996)
  • The Very Best of Fox ( 1998, 2003 )
  • Images 74-84 ( Cherry Red double CD, A 's & B 's & Rarities 2014)

Singles Noosha Fox

  • Georgina Bailey / Pretty Boy (GTO 1977)
  • The Heat Is On / Some Enchanted Evening ( Chrysalis, 1979)
  • Skin Tight / Miss You (1979 )
  • Hot as Sun / The Cheapest Nights (1981 )
  • More than Molecules / Odd Peculiar Strange ( Earlobe 1981)