A fox is a member of the family of the dogs ( Canidae ). In German, so that is often the red fox meant.

Foxes are from a biological perspective, no systematic group ( taxon ), but similar guessed by convergent evolution kinds of dogs. It is necessary to distinguish between the true foxes, which form a separate genus in the family group of dogs, and the kinds of dogs that belong to the genus group of real dogs, but are referred to by their appearance but as " foxes ".

Genuine fox

The real foxes ( Vulpini ) include the following genera and species:

  • Vulpes ( Red Fox, Kit Fox, fennec fox and desert fox, etc.)
  • Arctic fox ( Alopex lagopus ), occasionally out as Vulpes lagopus
  • Gray foxes ( Urocyon )
  • Bat-eared Fox ( Otocyon megalotis ), the newer name is Big-eared fox

Real Dogs

The real dogs ( canines ) include these types:

  • Sometimes called Andean fox ( Dusicyon culpaeus ) as Andean Jackal
  • Falklands fox ( Dusicyon australis)
  • Argentine Kamp Fuchs ( Pseudalopex griseus )
  • Pampas fox ( Pseudalopex gymnocercus )
  • Sechurafuchs ( Pseudalopex sechurae )
  • Brazilian Kamp Fuchs ( Pseudalopex vetulus )
  • Short-eared fox ( Atelocyon Microtis )