Foyer des Arts

Foyer des Arts is a founded by Max Goldt and Gerd Pasemann 1981 German avant- pop band.

Band History

Philosophy and Pasemann first met in 1978 in West Berlin. They founded the band AromaPLUS than their solid core, they supplemented by changing sideman, some club gigs in West Berlin completed, and its two self- distributed record - published music - then English.

1981 aroma was dissolved Plus, whereupon Philosophy and Pasemann shots a completely improvised panel, the strange secretary, under the project name Foyer des Arts. The single A queen with wheels down to it became a minor hit the local music scene, which earned the attention of WEA Foyer des Arts. The major record companies were eager at this time on taking all the bands and artists under contract that could be marketed as German New Wave. Although Foyer des Arts never saw themselves as part of this scene can be a certain similarity to the style of avant-garde NDW bands like Palais Schaumburg or not the plan out of hand have.

But Foyer des Arts finally signed the - as they later realized - very unfavorable for them contract with the WEA. There, they released their second disc, From Noisy Village to Babylon. Success was with them only the second single should know about Erlangen granted ( number 36 of the Media Control Charts ). As more commercial successes were slow to place, the band was in very unpleasant for her promo appearances, for example, in the ZDF hit parade, forced, what the sales but also not improved satisfactorily. WEA put Foyer des Arts finally on ice, by refusing to 1986 to publish further plates, on the other hand also not dismissed from their contract. During this time Max Goldt released his first solo recordings.

After the contract ended in 1986, the album was released, the inability to have breakfast on the independent label Forty-five relatively quickly, which some having been successful in the underground again. Foyer des Arts developed into a well-known band in the German independent music scene, which even in 1988 led to an invitation to the legendary John Peel Sessions on British radio. After the release of the regular album A Kiss in the error tavern in 1988 and the double live album What is super? 1989 was nothing more to hear from the band for long. In 1995, the album was released, the man, which is considered a " farewell album ". It was followed by the best-of album Can bees fly in 2000.