The abbreviation FPS stands for:

  • Frames per second ( fps ), a measure of the frame rate
  • Feet per second or even foot per second, an English unit for speed, see Imperial Measurement # speed
  • Fast Packet Switching, packet switching in the second OSI layer
  • First Person Shooter, a category of computer games, see First-Person Shooter
  • Freedom Party of Switzerland
  • Friedrich Paulsen School ( Niebüll )
  • Floating Point Systems, an American processor company was later acquired by Cray
  • Forssan Palloseura, a Finnish professional ice hockey club
  • Federalnaia Pogranitshnaia Slushba, Federal Service for protecting the external borders in Russia, which was taken over by the FSB in 2002
  • Flexible Payments Service, online payment function from Amazon, see Electronic money
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