The FPV F6 is a sports sedan from Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV ) which is sold since 2004. The vehicle, which is the entry level model of FPV, based on the Australian Ford Falcon. In addition, he served as F6X based on the Ford Territory and is available as F6 Ute.

First Generation BA / BF (2004-2008)

FPV F6 Typhoon (BF, 2005)

The first generation of the F6 Typhoon and had driven the nickname was of a 270 kW ( 367 hp) 4.0 -liter inline six- cylinder turbo engine. The top speed of the car is given as 255 km / h.

At the new body aprons and a sports exhaust be fitted to emphasize the sporty appearance of the Ford Falcon even further. A rear wing to improve the driving dynamics at high speeds is also attached to the Typhoon. However, the interior is also very refined. The driver takes in highly contoured sports seats with an embroidered logo FPV place. The dashboard appears rather plain on the contrary to the sporty appearance. FPV himself writes on the dashboard of the Typhoon, as well as all other models "clean, European- Influenced styling ", that is European-influenced clarity. The only factors which bring a touch of sportiness in the interior of the Typhoon are two gauges in the center console for turbo boost pressure and oil pressure and the starter button. Optionally you could also get a metal pedal set for the F6 Typhoon.

Second generation FG (since 2008)

2008 accounted for with the introduction of the new model generation of the additional name "Typhoon". The F6 is now based on the new Ford FG Falcon. The engine now delivers 310 kW ( 421 hp), the chassis has been revised. In addition to the normal version F6 F6 E also a version called with the same technique but dezenterem styling is available. In parallel, the F6 Ute was introduced based on the Ford Falcon Ute.

Later the name was changed to F6 310, according to engine power. The F6 Ute is now no longer offered.