France 5

France 5 is a public television in France, which is one of France Télévisions. He sends in principle only education programs, among which, for example, documentaries and television discussions. There are, in contrast to France 2 and France 3 is normally no feature films in the program.

The station launched in 1994 after more than a year after the private channel La Cinq ceased its broadcasting. Initially sent France 5 nor in time did not send in the ARTE, but now sends France 5, a 24 - hour program.

France 5 in Germany

France 5 is to receive in border areas via antenna and analog cable and nationwide receivable in the digital cable. In Germany, Kabel BW and cable included in the basic package, at Unity Media only open if you have subscribed to a UnityDigitalTV pay-TV package.

In addition, France 5 can be received digitally released via the satellite Atlantic Bird 3 at 5 ° West position.

The ' France 5 ' program as well as the other about 18 programs of TNT - received (Television numerique terrestre terrestrial digital television according to DVB -T in Germany ) digitally via the ASTRA by TNTSAT and since June 2009 on Atlantic Bird 3 by FRANSAT. The reception is free, but you need both for TNTSAT as well as for each FRANSAT a special receiver with Viaccess card. Receiver and Card (4 years valid) cost around € 100.00 to € 140.00 (June 2009 ) and are due to copyright issues available only in France.

Programs broadcast on France 5


  • J'ai vu changer la Terre
  • Sale temps pour la planète
  • Les routes de l'impossible
  • Fourchette & sac à dos
  • J'irai dormir chez vous
  • Vu sur Terre
  • Des trains pas comme les autres
  • Le sauvage doc ...


  • Allo docteurs
  • C dans l'air
  • C à vous
  • C à dire?
  • C politique
  • C'est notre affaire
  • C'est notre histoire
  • Echappées belles
  • Empreintes
  • Entrée libre
  • L' emploi par le net
  • La Grande Librairie
  • La Maison France 5
  • Le Doc du dimanche
  • Le Magazine de la santé
  • Les escapades de Petitrenaud
  • Les Maternelles
  • Médias, le magazine
  • On n'est pas que des cobayes
  • Revu et corrigé
  • Silence, ça pousse! ...

Youth Program

  • Zouzous