France Football

France Football (short- FF ) is a soccer - journal from France. The first issue was released on January 8, 1946; until April 2013, there were two weekly editions ( Tuesdays and Fridays ), and since then only the Tuesday edition. FF was initially the official announcement organ of the French Federation FFF; The end of 1947 acquired Jacques Goddet the sheet. Beyond the Rhine France Football is also referred to as the " Bible of football". Seat of the publisher and editors is Paris; the editorial staff is headed by Denis Chaumier, who took over this office of Gérard Ernault of the year 2007 /08.


France Football emerged from the magazine " Football", which appeared in 1927-1944 and also at times was the semi- official organ of the FFF. Initially FF appeared on plain newsprint and exclusively in black and white print; from February 1977 ( first introduction of the title page in color), it developed more and more into a magazine with numerous, large-scale color photographs. Your paid circulation developed in parallel of 120,000 (1975 ) 213,000 copies ( 2004).


  • France Football organizes since 1956 ( calendar ) annual election of the winner of the Ballon d' Or ( "Golden Football " ) for the best European ( 1) footballer (again, originally an idea by " Mr. Europe Cup " Gabriel Hanot ); to from every European country are the editor of a sports magazine from their vote for players from a list of suggestions which compiles the FF editors. By 1995, the selection was limited to players of a UEFA member country; Since then, all players to choose from, which - regardless of nationality - to play in a European club. On one of the Academy Awards event not unlike the end of November, the respective winner of the election will be announced publicly.
  • Since 1970 FF has conducted a similar choice for the African Footballer; This competition is organized since 1985 by the African Football Association.
  • Within France, France Football awards a number of awards: The Étoile d' Or ( "Golden Star" ) on a seasonal basis for those players in France who receives the sum of its rating ( 0-6 stars) during each match day the best overall score; Here is differentiated between goalkeepers and field players for several years
  • The French "Footballer of the Year" ( 1963 ) is selected for the calendar year; which can be since 1996 playing abroad French; since 2001 it is no longer selected by the editors, but from the previous laureates themselves
  • In addition, in the categories of "best club ", " best referee ", " best coach ", " best team official ", " best youth team " and " Best New Work" for the clubs in the top two leagues ( Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 )

This list as well as the fact that the magazine although reports on the highest five men leagues, but only on the top division of women's football, may illustrate why sometimes the one-sided orientation of France Football been criticized on the men's soccer in France.

( 1) From 2007: the world's best players