Frances Burney

Frances " Fanny " Burney (* June 13, 1752 in King's Lynn, Norfolk, † January 6, 1840 in London) was an English writer.


Frances Burney, who was also known as Fanny, was a daughter of the English music historian and composer Charles Burney. Her fame began after it was announced that she had written the 1778 anonymously published novel Evelina. In the next few years she wrote Cecilia ( 1782 ) and Camilla (1796 ) - these novels deal with all the growth of an intelligent young girl, and thus founded Fanny Burney a new literary genre variant, the " novel of manners " (English " novel of manners " ).

Her works were admired by Jane Austen. Fanny Burney 1814 published her last novel, The Wanderer.

She was known also by its 1768 and started posthumously published journals, which detail joyfully describe life at the English court ( Fanny Burney was from 1786 to 1791 maid of honor of Queen Charlotte) and in detail about the personalities of her time, such as Samuel Johnson, report. None of her books is currently available in a current German translation.


  • Annie Raine Ellis ( ed.): The early diary of Frances Burney, 1768-1778. With a selection from her correspondence, and from the journals of her sisters Susan and Charlotte Burney. Bell, London 1889 ( digitized as PDF: Vol 1 (PDF, 35.6 MB), Vol 2, PDF, 39.9 MB)