Frances (Film)

Frances is a film by Australian director Graeme Clifford, shot in 1982 and tells the life story of American actress Frances Farmer.


From the perspective of the reporter Harry York, the tragic story of the talented actress Frances Farmer is told. The film begins with the world economic crisis and the young actress who is shaped by her mother to Hollywood star, but on the other hand struggles to find her own way. It is not only the tragic life story of the star Frances Farmer, which ultimately ends with the admission to psychiatric hospitals, but also the difficult mother - daughter story that sets the ambition about compassion. With this film, the actress Jessica Lange 's breakthrough.


  • Lexicon of international film: A challenging study. Carefully staged; impressive especially by the lead performance.
  • Prism Online: An impressively played portrait of Hollywood actress Frances Farmer, who was a sought-after star in the 30s. Graeme Clifford managed a brilliant study between fame and dependence.


Jessica Lange as Frances Farmer and Kim Stanley as her mother both received an Oscar and a Golden Globe nomination in 1983.