Frances Fyfield

Frances Fyfield (actually Frances Hegarty, born 1948 in Derbyshire ) is an English lawyer and thriller writer.


After she had begun a study of English literature, she discovered the law for himself and was after graduation for 15 years as a prosecutor. They rallied from petty crime to felony lot of experience should be included in her later novels.

A marriage, which consisted of long periods of separation - and ultimately failed - she managed finally to write. First she wrote romantic short stories for women's magazines, but 1988 was her first detective novel with her ​​most famous heroine Helen West, a London criminal lawyer. To hide their writing activities of their professional lives, they chose as a pseudonym the maiden name of her mother, Fyfield. Most of the books of Helen West series were filmed.

Three other novels also act by a representative of law, the Attorney Sarah Fortune, during her last novels were no more series. Some psychological thriller published them in the first half of the 90s under her real name Frances Hegarty.



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