Francesco Benussi

Francesco Benussi (2010)

Francesco Benussi (* October 15, 1981 in Mestre, Italy) is an Italian football goalkeeper. He currently stands at Udinese Calcio under contract.



Benussi comes from the youth of the AC Venice in 1907. He was taken from this 1999 in the senior squad, and came into his Debütsaioson once on seven appearances in Serie A. He was then first for three years at the AC Lumezzane, Ascoli Calcio and AC Arezzo awarded only half a year he spent 2000-2003 at the AC Venice in 1907. In the seasons 2003/ 04 and 2004/ 05, however, he was an integral part of the team.

In the summer of 2005 Benussi then moved to U.S. Lecce, with which he descended in his first season with the Apuliern from Serie A. He also played the next two years for Lecce, up to a Kurzleihe for AC Siena. 2008, the re- promotion to the first division, but it was followed by the immediate re descent. After a Kurzleihe for AS Livorno until January 2010, he left the U.S. Lecce and joined the U.S. Palermo. For this he was in the squad until 2013, but has been used only sporadically and completed half a year on loan at Torino where he was, however, a regular player. Since the season 2013/14 he is under contract with Udinese Calcio, but is currently in the goalkeeper hierarchy only the number four.


Benussi graduated from 1999 to 2001 six or three games for the U -18 and U -20 team in Italy.


  • U-18 European runners-up: 1999
  • Promotion to Serie A: 2007/ 08, 2011/12