Francesco Carlini

Francesco Carlini ( born January 7, 1783 in Milan, † August 29, 1862 same place ) was an Italian astronomer and surveyor.

Carlini in 1832 director of the Brera Observatory in Milan. He became known to a wide circle of experts contemporary through his solar tables, which he published under the title Nuove tavole de moti Apparenti del sole 1832. Already in 1810 he had Esposizione di un nuovo metodo di construire le taole astronomiche applicato all tavole edited del sole.

Along with Giovanni Antonio Amedeo Plana (1781-1864) he took part in the Austrian-Italian degree measurement. On this occasion he also determined the specific gravity of the earth. He used regional variations of gravity south of the Alps.

The lunar crater Carlini is named after him.