Francesco Musso

Francesco Musso ( born August 22, 1937 in Port St. Louis, France ) is a former Italian featherweight boxer.


In 1960 he was Italian amateur champion. At the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960, he became Olympic champion in the featherweight. He defeated in the second round while the South Koreans Soon- Chun Song, silver medalist bantamweight in 1956. In the final he beat out the Poland Jerzy Adamski.


In the same year he started his pro career, but very unspectacular went. The first seventeen of his total of 26 fights won Musso. He fought only twice while abroad: 1963 in Finland in 1966 in Spain against Manuel Calvo, also later won the European Championship against the eventual champions Olli Mäki and. Both fights lost Musso. After losing by disqualification in the sixth round against Manuel Calvo in Spain in 1966, he ended his boxing career.